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Bankless DAO

Bankless DAO is a community-driven initiative created by the Bankless Podcast, centered around a social token that promotes ownership. With a focus on content creation, tool development, and consulting, Bankless DAO has grown into a vibrant ecosystem of contributors and supporters.






Social Token



Token Strength.

Token Utility:

Community Governance: Holders of BANK token can vote on proposals and decisions within the Bankless DAO.
Liquidity Provision: BANK can be used to provide liquidity on decentralized exchanges, allowing users to trade with low slippage.
Staking: Holders of BANK can stake their tokens to earn rewards, incentivizing long-term holding.
Platform Fees: BANK can be used to pay for services provided by the Bankless DAO platform, such as subscriptions to premium content.
Ecosystem Support: The Bankless DAO uses BANK to support other projects and initiatives in the wider DeFi ecosystem, creating a virtuous cycle of growth.

Demand Driver:

Crypto enthusiasts and DeFi users interested in joining Bankless DAO, requiring 35k BANK to become members.

Community engagement:
Existing Bankless DAO members and supporters who hold BANK to participate in governance, decision-making, and community events.

Value Creation:

Bankless DAO's value stems from ownership through social tokens. Members feel a strong sense of belonging, resulting in a vibrant ecosystem of content creators and consultants working towards financial sovereignty. Decentralized decision-making and contributions lead to valuable educational and investment services for decentralized finance. This is a compelling example of social tokens building powerful communities.

Value Capture:

Value accrual to token:
The value capture for Bankless DAO is driven by its strong brand and community, in order to become part of this community there is a 35K $BANK requirement, and additional tiers which also require additional $BANK holdings. Aside from this governance rights for token holders and staking which incurs additional $BANK rewards are a form of value accrual 

Value accrual to the protocol:
Bankless DAO's treasury accrues value through revenue generated from its projects and services, which can be used to fund future initiatives and investments.

Business Model:

The business model for Bankless DAO:

Revenue comes from:
Community projects generate revenue, a portion of which feeds back to the treasury.
LP tokens are bonded by users, which earn treasury revenue through fees.

Revenue is denominated in: 
Stablecoins for community projects, and LP token assets for fees.

Revenue goes to: 
The treasury, funds community projects and provide rewards for BANK holders. A percentage (not specified) is used for community grants and funding.


Protocol Analysis.

Problems & Solutions
Forefront - A community-driven platform that enables creators to launch their social tokens and build their own economy.
Seed Club - A community-driven accelerator program that helps creators build and launch their own token-based economies.
Flamingo DAO - A decentralized autonomous organization that focuses on investing in and building projects within the NFT ecosystem.

Investment Take

... coming soon

Tokenomics Timeline.

  1. 2021-05-04


    1 billion BANK is airdropped and placed in the treasury.




Ecosystem Users.