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Qredo offers decentralised custody to institutions. Multi party computation enables securing and trading of assets across chains. $QRDO is used to incentivise usage of the network, for staking and staking rewards.








Token Strength.

Token Utility:

PoS Token: Qredo Network Protocol's $QRDO token is used as the proof-of-stake token for network security.
Market Maker Staking: $QRDO is required to be staked by market makers to participate in the Qredo market and earn trading fees.
Validator Staking: Validators must stake $QRDO to participate in network consensus and receive rewards.
Network Governance: $QRDO is used for governance decisions on the Qredo protocol.
Protocol Fees: Transaction fees on the Qredo protocol are paid in $QRDO, creating demand for the token.

Demand Driver:

Market Maker Staking:
Market Makers must hold $QRDO to participate in the Qredo Network and provide liquidity, driving demand for the token.

Value Creation:

Target institutions, it offers MPC custody of tokens secured by a PoS L2 blockchain and allows cross chain trading of synthetic assets with settlement on L1 when required. 

Value Capture:

Value accrual to token:
$QRDO is staked by market makers and validators, removing circulating supply and thus somewhat mapping the value created.

Value accrual to protocol:
Qredo protocol captures value via a treasury that is funded by transaction fees and managed by a DAO, which allocates resources for ecosystem development and community initiatives.

Business Model:

The business model for Qredo protocol:

Revenue comes from:
Monthly fee from custody service users, and trade fee from traders.

Revenue is denominated in:
USD or Qredo token (QRDO).

Revenue goes to:
Treasury or is redistributed to validators, with percentages not specified.


Protocol Analysis.

Problems & Solutions
Institutional investors face challenges in securely storing and trading assets across multiple chains.

Qredo provides decentralised custody to institutions, leveraging multi-party computation to secure and trade assets across chains. QRDO incentivises network usage through staking and rewards, with market makers required to stake and hold tokens for added security.
Oasis Network: A privacy-focused blockchain platform that uses secure multi-party computation (MPC) to enable secure and scalable data analysis and processing.

Enigma: A privacy-focused blockchain protocol that enables secure and decentralized computation of sensitive data through the use of MPC and secure enclaves.

NuCypher: A privacy-focused decentralized key management and encryption network that uses MPC to provide secure access controls for data sharing and storage across multiple nodes.

Investment Take

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Tokenomics Timeline.

  1. 2021-07-09


    Qredo launches $QRDO




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