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Design Sustainable Tokenomics

Designing tokenomics in a spreadsheet can be complicated and frustrating. Simplify the process with Tokenomics Design Space

  • Easy to use interface with built in step by step process
  • Contextual insights on similar projects in the same niche
  • Framework for estimating demand
  • Get your tokenomics audited by an expert

Easy to use interface

Tokenomics Design Space offers an intuitive interface that simplifies the token design process.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re leaving out an important step or simply don’t know what the next step in the design process is, we’ve got you covered.

Token Editor Flow

Put your design into perspective

We show you relevant data, examples and the industry standard of similar projects to help you make better design decisions through every step of the way

Examples help to break diwn the complexity of token design
Compare supply and demand

Estimate your Token Demand

Tokenomics Design Space provides a framework for estimating token demand in 3 simple steps:

  1. Easy to use interface with built in step by step process
  2. Contextual insights on similar projects in the same niche
  3. Framework for estimating demand
  4. Get your tokenomics audited by an expert

What other users say

“Tokenomics DAO have performed a crucial audit of Goracle’s Tokenomics. It provides investors and potential ecosystem members with a trusted breakdown of how Goracle works and where the $GORA token fits in. It also delivers to us analysis from experts that allows us to think about areas to improve on post-launch.”

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Ahmed Ali

“It was a pleasure working with Flo and Giorgio from the Tokenomics DAO team. Incredibly knowledgeable and super nice folk. We highly recommend to all beings.”

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James Matthews

Tokenomics Audit

Get a Tokenomics DAO expert to audit your tokenomics and provide feedback, guidance and even design help

How are tokenomics designed?

First, you have to evaluate the viability of a token for your project. Next, you consider the target market and user base, this includes investors since they are part of the user base. Then you have to align this user base with the long-term sustainability of the protocol via incentive structures (aka tokens). It can be confusing since there are many variables and steps involved, however, the TDS considers all this and provides an easy-to-understand process to design tokenomics.

What is the utility of tokenomics design?

The goal is to create long-lasting, sustainable and engaging projects. Tokenomics form an important part of this since they’re the key to creating a balanced token economy. In web3, tokens represent ownership and have a traded value (i.e. price), thus they can act as an incentive for users and in turn, a cost for the protocol, meaning that there is a balance that has to be found. The overall goal is to align interests between users and the protocol and achieve a win-win situation. Tokenomics are at the core of this alignment.

The TDS guides you through this thought process and ensures that you align users with the interests of the protocol.

How do I design good tokenomics?

The key to designing good tokenomics is understanding your user base's motivation for interacting with your protocol and the specific task that they will be performing. The goal is to align users with the protocol, meaning a win-win situation. Once you have an understanding of their underlying motivation and what tasks they will be performing you can create incentive structures to encourage certain behaviors and deter others based on what is in the best interest of the protocol. This covers many aspects such as allocations for investors, vesting schedules, incentive structures and more.

The Tokenomics Design Space was meticulously developed by leveraging the experience of Tokenomics DAO in designing tokenomics, providing a a user-friendly approach to creating robust tokenomics solutions.

What are the most important things to consider when designing a cryptocurrency’s tokenomics?

The token should have solid utility within the protocol, it should map the value created by the protocol (appreciate as the protocol creates more value), it should have a balanced supply of tokens that matches the expected demand for the token, it should have a fair allocation distribution and proper incentives structures in place to align users & investors with the long-term sustainability of the protocol. The TDS looks at all of these aspects and more to help builders come up with a long-lasting protocol.

Build better Tokenomics Easily

Powerful and simple to use tokenomics design software to help you create a sustainable token economy